Steps To Attaining The Chartered Marketer Status

Steps To Attaining The Chartered Marketer Status

Attaining the Chartered Marketer status is every marketer’s goal. Chartered Marketer status recognizes those marketers achieving the highest level in the Marketing profession. It demonstrates a commitment to keeping up-to-date and is awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications. Some people have asked, how one attains that status. If that’s your question or you coming across this for the first time, I have put together this article to answer your question.

4 requirements for achieving the Chartered Marketing status

  1. Become a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

To attain the Charter Marketer status, you must first become a registered member of CIM. There are different types of CIM membership, namely;

  • Introductory Membership
    • Affiliate study membership
    • Affiliate professional
  • Graded membership
    • Associate of CIM
    • Member of CIM
    • Fellow of CIM

To apply to become a Chartered Marketer you must be at MCIM (Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing) or FCIM (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing) level. This membership will reflect your experience and knowledge within the sector, allowing you to enter the CIM’s CPD programme.

  1. Achieve MCIM or FCIM Membership grade

    To achieve MCIM status you must hold a CIM Level 6 Marketing Qualification or higher and/or five to ten years of relevant experience, preferably at a senior strategic level. When applying for CIM membership you will need to submit this as evidence. To achieve FCIM you will most likely be working in a directorial/consultancy position and have between 10 – 15 years of relevant experience, you will need to evidence this experience to a great degree with the CIM.

  2. Complete the 2- year mandatory period of CPD

    You will be required to complete a minimum of four reflective statements aligned with the Professional Marketing Competencies framework during each CPD year for a minimum of two consecutive years. a sample of reflective statement

What is CPD? The Continuing Professional Development programme is a CIM programme designed for improving skills and knowledge, ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional. Click here to apply for CPD.

To achieve CPD, simply record all the learning and development activities that you undertake over the membership year; whether completed with CIM, through other organisations, or even activities you’ve done on your own; then complete a short reflection on each one to highlight its impact on your practice. Once you’ve completed your CPD year you’ll receive a physical CPD certificate as tangible proof of your commitment to ongoing development. It proves to current and potential employers that you are serious about maintaining your knowledge and skills in marketing. Your CPD journey can lead to achieving Chartered Marketer status – the mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

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  1. Complete the online Chartered Marketer assessment

    Completing the Online Chartered Marketer assessment will be available on completion of the second consecutive CPD year and you will have up to five attempts to complete the assessment. These attempts will refresh each time you renew your membership and submit CPD, until you have successfully reached Chartered Marketer status.

On completion of the final criteria, you will be awarded the Chartered Marketer status. CIM members can register for the CPD programme by logging into MyCIM and selecting the ‘CPD’ tile under ‘Resources & Tools’.

  • Completing the following qualifications will count towards Charted Marketer Status

    • Completing the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme.

      Students who commence the new level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme at either MCIM or FCIM grade of membership, may use their studies towards the CPD requirements of achieving Chartered Marketer status. If they record two consecutive years of CPD and complete the qualification in full, the final step for achieving Chartered status – the online assessment – will be waived.

    • Completing the CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing.

      This will count towards CPD and demonstrate a high-level strategic marketing understanding on completion, which can be submitted as part of your evidence for higher level membership as well as CPD.

    • Completing Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing or Diploma in Professional Marketing.

      Completing these qualifications are eligible for earning you 35 hours towards your CPD.

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