Simon Page CIM Marketing Students Excel

Simon Page CIM Marketing Students Excel

The student performance analysis for the CIM UK December 2019 Assessment period is in and the entire Simon Page faculty, team and management are delighted about the overall performance! This blog highlights the main take-outs from the analysis.

70 Students Qualified!

 ‘Qualified’ refers to students who completed at least one level of the CIM program and has been awarded a CIM UK qualification. 51 students completed the qualification at level 4, 17 students at level 6 and 2 students at level 7. This is the highest number recorded in one assessment period in the history of Simon Page and we are excited about this achievement. We cannot wait to see a good representation of Simon Page delegates at the CIM Graduation Ceremony in England this year!

87% Overall Pass Rate

The success of the students during assessment periods is very critical to the growth and success of Simon Page. The faculty and support team are always holding their breath in anticipation of excellent student performance in every assessment period. So, when the pass rates came in, it was all jubilation at the Simon Page camp. 87% pass rate is no mean feat and we want to appreciate the faculty and students who by their dedication, contribution and commitment made this happen.

Tutor Spotlight

While we reflect on the overall performance, we cannot but recognize the hard work and commitment of tutors and faculty members. This would not have been possible without them. In particular, we will like to recognize tutors who recorded a pass rate of 80% and above.

CIM Marketing
Integrated Communications
 Customer Experience
CIM Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Mastering Metrics
Driving Innovation
Corporate Digital Communication

Their willingness to share from their wealth of experience and support the students/delegates is very inspiring. We are happy to see their effort rewarded with such a successful outcome.

And for the students, the cost of personal sacrifice demanded by the program and their willingness to rise up to the challenge is worthy of emulation. They are proof of the resilience of the human spirit. We celebrate every student who participated in the CIM December 2019 assessment and wish them many more successful milestones.

Join the League

The next recruitment session for the CIM program is starting soon. If you would like to join the league of such hard-working professionals, send your enquiries to [email protected] or call +2349077119469.

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