The Appeal of a Brand

The Appeal of a Brand

All brands have some sort of appeal to them or they would be out of business. A certain brand appeals to us, generally in taste and sometimes emotionally. We have to like something about the brand in order to buy it.

The Laws of Attraction

The laws of attraction is not actually what really comes to mind first when we think about attractions. The laws of attraction are a mindset, think it and it will happen. InNapoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he talks about how we control our mind to achieve the success we want. For a brand to achieve success it has to be well articulated in order to capture the attention and loyalty of targeted customers.

How a Brand is Attractive

Every single brand out there is attractive to someone. It has to be or it will fail. The label has to be pleasing to the eye. If packaging did not matter, every single product would be in brown paper or cardboard with the brand name written on the front in black letters. The colours they choose, the font, the layout, the photos, all matters. Though attraction is not only to the packaging, it is to what is inside as well. The labels can be gorgeous but if what is inside is faulty then the entire offering becomes very unattractive quickly.

Who the Brand Attracts

Brands strategically plan to target a specific market. They go to where they are, try and become them so they can talk directly to them in a non-intrusive way. When all goes well, they reap the rewards of new customers.

What about what happens when a part of the intended audience is not attracted? This happened with the new VW Beetle a few years ago. The beloved Beetle was back after 19 years! One would have expected there should be a waiting list but it took a turn that was not expected. It was too feminine. Beettlemania was not revived. The men were not buying which caused Beetle to once again be squashed in 2009. Now a few years later, with a few redesigns it will be unveiled again but this time with more of a masculine side. According to David Kiley at AOL Autos in his interview with Tim Ellis, Volkswagen Marketing Chief:

When a brand begins to lose its appeal

Brand managements experts are of the opinion that a successful brand is a total experience that the consumer can identify with. To them a consistent brand offering and experience is essential to build a brand personality. Problems arise when brands do things that are not congruent with their perceived personality and most often the fortune of such brands dwindles.

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