Once upon a timeduring my third year at Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. I met alecturer in the library who I had run into more than thrice in different locationsthe same day. Upon sighting me, he exclaimed, “Are you an ambassador for MTN,how come I see you EVERYWHERE I GO?” your guess is as good as mine, he is anMTN subscriber.

Over the years, slogans have been subtlefor marketing. A slogan is a catchy phrase or series of words that stamps thecompany, brand, or product in the memory of a consumer. Slogans must bememorable as they give people a glimpse or an idea of what your company or productdoes and must relate to your business. Company slogans have some objectives asbranding, and most often than not, its primary goal is to teach what thecompany can deliver in the mind of viewers.


MEMORABLE: I have spent more than threedecades on earth, BUT even if I’m asked in my dream what African IndependentTelevision, also known by its acronym AIT is, I will scream, “Sharing theAfrican Experience.” This slogan has paid the memorability test in the minds ofmany Nigerians. The attention of the inspiring words employed. To achieve thisand maintain memorability, the slogan should be short, honest, and precise.Brevity in writing is said to be the best insurance for its perusal.

COMMUNICATION: Communication inmarketing takes different forms, and slogans fit neatly in one of these forms.This tool helps promote certain features and benefits of your product, service,or brand. A great slogan makes a company or products benefit clear to theaudience. Most times, the first impression of a product begins with its slogan.Therefore, they should be well worded to stress the brand’s value.

UNIQUENESS: Consumers are always seekinganswers to specific questions when it involves choice and usage of a product. Whatis it that makes your brand unique enough to be tried and tested? Does it offeran individual fitness agenda for babies? Whatever you think distinguishes youfrom your competitors should be highlighted in this slogan to emphasize thecompany’s worth.


  • Simplicity and precision. Nobody wants tobe stressed with ambiguity and big words.
  • Wrap your slogan in your logo as itmakes it catchy enough to befit a second glance.
  • Invest in planning, consulting, anddrafting. Great slogans cannot be hastily done.
  • Lace your slogan with humor.

While brands focus more on the increasein patronage, spending ridiculously on ads, they should also top up theirslogan game and let it do the talking most times.

“Slogansdon’t only leave us with satisfied consumers; they are “Brand Evangelist” too.”

Article submitted by Nnamdi Anazia.

Christiana Aina
[email protected]
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