How to grow your Small Business

How to grow your Small Business

As you approach the final weeks of the year, it’s a great time to review the progress your business is making and look for ways to improve in the year ahead. Obviously, the cornerstone of your strategy for next year should be the growth of your business.

 So, here’s something for you to consider if you want your business to grow significantly in the year ahead.

Meaningful improvements lead to meaningful progress

The only way to grow your business in a meaningful way is to make meaningful improvements. It will be wise enough for you to ignore the success recorded this moment and focus on how to do better. However, it certainly won’t lead you to anything worthwhile. Therefore, you have to think of many strategies you can implement which will ultimately bring meaningful improvements to your business.

Set yourself targets that will inspire you

A friend shared his experience on how he saw a 200% increase in his revenues last year, with an even greater increase in his profits. How did he achieve this? Instead of focusing on how to grow his business by 25%, I suggested he should add a zero to his target. He then sat down at the end of last year and set himself an inspiring challenge: How can I increase my turnover and profits in the coming year by 250%?

He explained that by focusing on a target of 25% growth, his thinking was limited. A pretty small target required pretty small thinking. The 25% increase target is also good, but it wasn’t going to change his life in a meaningful way.

However, by setting himself a huge growth target, one that was 10 times bigger than ever before, he was able to blow the lid off his thinking. He was able to set his full potential to work on the challenge. Plus, because growing his business by 250% would massively improve his lifestyle, he found it exceptionally motivating.

So, he had to set himself an inspiring target that allowed him to think big and he was more motivated than ever before. Although, he missed his target but he was closer to it and that’s what matter most. Instead of growing his business by 250%, he only managed just over 200%. His business is 3 times bigger and over 3 times more profitable.

What will make you succeed

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way”. Robert Kiyosaki
Most small business owners stay small, because they set themselves targets or goals that fail to inspire them. Puny goals restrict your thinking. They also rob you of the energy, which only comes when you’re being pulled by a compelling vision.

So, why not think in a bigger way If you want better results and more energy in the coming year than you had this year, add some zeros! November 12, 2014 / Jim Connolly

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