Four Business and Marketing things we learnt Last Week

Four Business and Marketing things we learnt Last Week

1. Simon Page Business School not only operationalized its training and short courses programme, but successfully held two in quick succession. The first one dwelt on Developing Practical Marketing Plans and was intelligent, interactive and interesting.

Certain people from different industries they were able to cross reference their experiences and channel that into developing new ideas. It stayed true to its name by being very practical as delegates found it hard to leave, they wanted more. The second training was equally exciting. It was an amalgam of marketing communications people who congregated in their bid to better understand and equally deepen their knowledge and practice of marketing communications. It was apt that they chose the course Integrated Marketing Communications Planning. It is no surprise when delegates want more- the training programme takes a mode that is practical, interactive and quite dainty. What easily emerges from our interaction with them is the call for a repeat of these courses.
When you study with us, we don’t only arm you with the tools, templates, advice and best practices you need to succeed professionally, but we also provide you with the pedestal to take your organizations to the highest level . Our delegates know this. They learn in a Fun way which is highly impactful.

2. We love to turn high potentials into high performance. And so each session, we welcome new students who want to take a leap professionally by subscribing to some of the finest professional bodies around the world that partner with us; The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Communications and Advertising, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Commitment is the key to our unique services and we always leave our new intakes with these promises: we will ensure that all our lecturers are qualified to teach them at the level that they are studying, we will provide them with a service that delivers on our brand promise, and we will respect them as students and professionals. It’s a lot but we keep our promises.
3. Birthdays are special and it was fitting that felicitations will flow the way of our colleague Adewale Saliu. He oversees our book services division in Lagos. And what an awesome job he is doing at it. The prayers said soulfully, wines flowed freely and the dancing…
4. Blackburied: Canadian smartphone company agrees to go private: Blackberry has agreed to sell itself to a consortium led by its largest shareholder and go private in an attempt by the beleaguered Canadian mobile phone manufacturer to salvage its business. The deal values a company that was worth more than $80bn as recently as 2008 at a mere $4.7bn. The agreement between Blackberry and Fairfax is a milestone in the company’s rapid decline from the undisputed leader in the smartphone business to also-ran desperately trying to win over customers tempted by Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy series of devices. It was estimated that smartphones, running on Blackberry’s operating system (OS) will end up with a worldwide market share of 2.7 per cent this year, against 75.3 per cent for phones running Google’s Android system, which powers Samsung’s phones, among others. Apple’s iOS operating system, which drives the iPhone, has a nearly 17 per cent share. By 2017, Blackberry OS’s market shares is expected to fall to 1.7 per cent. Back in 2009, Blackberry had more than 20 per cent of the market.

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