Benefits of Chartered Marketer Status.

Benefits of Chartered Marketer Status.

So knowing about the Chartered Marketer status, what are the benefits of being a Chartered Marketer? Why should you want to be a chartered Marketer? The benefits of Chartered Marketer status can be viewed from two perspectives; benefits to employee and benefits to employers.

Benefits of Chartered Status to Employee 

  • Being awarded the Chartered Marketer status:  you will be recognised among marketers achieving the highest level in our profession. You will be issued with a Chartered Marketer certificate to recognise your achievement. This gives a great advantage in attracting top employers in the Marketing Industry around the world.
  • Added to the Chartered Marketer Directory: the Chartered Marketer Directory entails information of all Chartered Marketers in the world. This means you that top employers and clients around the world can search for you. This also acts as a form of verification on your status if contested.
  • Granted use of the Chartered Marketer logo for your personal stationery and website: you will be allowed to use the Chartered Marketer logo on your personal website and personal stationery.
  • Able to use the designation “Chartered Marketer” or “CMktr” after your name: you will be able to use the designation on your personal profile on Social Media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This also increases your advantage in a Job search or obtaining contracts.

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Benefits of Chartered Status to Employers

For employers, the primary benefit of having Charted Marketers is ensuring that standards across the company are high and consistent. It also promotes greater work engagement from the workforce and a general commitment to job roles. Having a good number of employees who are Chartered Marketers, allows for the sharing of best practice and support. This contributes to maximising staff potential, improves staff morale and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals.

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