Employee Branding: Its Importance

Employee Branding: Its Importance

Employee branding: why it is very important.

It is easy to assume that branding a product or an organization’s brand is easy to project by promotion (online and offline). But over time some organizations have failed to recognize for a brand to be well accepted, it requires more than just promotions. One of the key requirement is employee branding. It is much easier to sell a brand and retain your customers when your employees project the brand properly. Employee branding is equally as important as product branding.

So what is employee branding? Employee branding is a specific kind of identity regulation by an organization, through which employees are directed to develop self-images and work orientations that are deemed congruent with managerially defined objectives. In simple terms “It’s about getting your employees on board with who you are and what you do. Then, through social sharing and word of mouth, they convey that externally” (Ted Bauer).

But why is employee branding so important? The character and expression of employee determine how the company is seen by existing customers, potential customers and people who might apply to work for the company.  As such it is right to say that employees are the company’s real brand ambassadors.

Consequently, it is very necessary to brand employees, especially for startups. How do you go about it? Here are some tips on how to go about branding employees.

  • Educate employees about your brand- the first step to employee branding is teaching and instilling the nitty-gritty of the brand in the minds of the employees. This helps them understand what the brand stands for and the image it needs to project.

  • Strong internal Communications– frequently keep employees informed on what the organization is about (mission, vision, targets, desired brand image, etc.) and it’s standards. Also create informal socialization processes, so as to create a bond within employees.

  • Always listen to employee feedback– It is always necessary to listen what your employees’ ideas and contribution to how the brand can be improved. Also, it allows organizations to monitor the consequences of its process and to identify areas for improvement.

  • Give a great employee experience-. Create an environment where all employees feel happy and loved, like they have a stake in sharing and communicating the brand message. Launch initiatives that improve retention, increase job satisfaction, and foster staff bonding. Also, make sure you keep open communication with employees.

An engaged, motivated employee is more likely to become an excellent, effective brand ambassador.

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