Creating A Conducive Study Environment

Creating A Conducive Study Environment

Studying for a CIM qualification or any qualification at all requires setting time aside to gain knowledge of the subject matter by reading study materials. You can do this through your smartphone, tablet, or your textbook. Wherever you are learning from, finding the perfect atmosphere to ensure that learning takes place and valuable time isn’t lost is critical.

Below are some tips to help you achieve optimum study time satisfaction.

  1. Study area – Places like your bed or in front of the TV may be too comfortable and cause you to lose focus quickly. Also, uncomfortable places may make you lose interest in studying. You should find somewhere that is both comfortable and proper and works for you.
  2. Proper lighting – Having proper lighting while reading is essential because poor lighting or even bright artificial light can cause headaches or exhaust the eyes. You do not want to get an illness while studying and lose momentum.
  3. Put your phone on silent! – Your phone can be a huge distraction, especially in this social media age where the internet is full of gossips and entertainment. You can always return calls when you are through studying, so you should put your phone on silent. If that will still not work for you, turn it off completely.
  4. The clock – Regular glance at your clock may feel like it is slow and distract you. You may want to set the alarm to keep track of time and know when it is time to take a break.
  5. Take breaks – Lastly, take regular breaks to stretch and refresh. This way, you can assimilate better. Sitting in one position for too long while studying may cause you to get tired quickly or lose interest in your studies.


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