Marketing Masterclass with Mobolaji Caxton-Martins

[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-li-message” title=”Topic” text_size=”21″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”large” icon_color=””]Creating an Innovative Brand Experience for Today’s Prosumer[/mk_icon_box]
[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-clock-6″ title=”Date & Time” text_size=”21″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”large” icon_color=””]11 November 2017 | 10:00AM – 12:00PM[/mk_icon_box]
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51A Emmanuel Keshi | Magodo, G.R.A | Lagos, Nigeria


About the MasterClass Session

The Simon Page College of Marketing Masterclass is a free monthly session aimed at bringing together industry leaders to share their expertise in an interactive forum.

This month, our guest speaker is Mobolaji Caxton-Martins speaking on Creating an Innovative Brand Experience for Today’s Prosumer.

For many decades, the major focus of branding and innovation efforts has been on the product. The persistent drive to add features, incorporate new technologies and create niches has led to breakthrough innovations. The focus needs to however move to consumers.

This is because consumers are no longer passive, but rather active ‘prosumers’, professional consumers who not only interact with, but can also advocate for or against brands. It has become very important to build and create an innovative and sustainable brand experience for today’s prosumer.

Mobolaji has vast years of experience in brand management, strategy, content and account planning. He facilitates brand storytelling and innovation class at the Orange Academy, Africa’s 1st practical school of Integrated Brand Experience

Mobolaji Caxton-Martins is currently the Head of Brand Management and Digital Marketing at Templars, a law firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

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