Marketing Masterclass with Eyitemi Taire

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A brand is what a brand does


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-clock-6″ title=”Date & Time” text_size=”21″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”large” icon_color=””]9 December 2017 | 10:00AM – 12:00PM[/mk_icon_box]
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51A Emmanuel Keshi | Magodo, G.R.A | Lagos, Nigeria


About the MasterClass Session

The Simon Page College of Marketing Masterclass is a free monthly session aimed at bringing together industry leaders to share their expertise in an interactive forum.

This month, our guest speaker is Eyitemi Taire speaking on ‘A brand is what a brand does’. A brand is defined by what it does as brand communication has gone beyond advertising.

The brand marketer of the 21st century needs to have a deep understanding of what branding is all about. Every single thing a brand does sums up to make one holistic communication that is in line with the meaning of the brand.

Eyitemi Taire is a well-rounded FMCG/brand marketer with key experiences across all brand functions, cutting-edge communications development, innovations and projects expert, brand profitability and commercially oriented, very passionate and able to tune tactics to succeed, marketing strategist with creativity in finding solutions, able to cut through information glut to pinpoint ‘hidden’ insights and take decisive action, extremely team focused with strong leadership skills.

She is extremely well-travelled and well-read with a love of discovering new cultures, broad base of experience across Africa & Middle-East, open-minded and quick to adapt to change, with more than a passing knowledge of several languages, namely English, Yoruba & French.

Eyitemi is keen to embrace new challenges, eager to learn and build new experiences. Her specialties include: developing consumer-centric brand communication platforms, driving brand profitability, building robust & insightful brand strategies, ruthless prioritization to ensure that key brand objectives are met.

Eyitemi has over 25 years experience in marketing and would be sharing deep insights with us at this masterclass.

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