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This event seeks to shed light into depths of the digital industry trends as well as share insights relevant to professionals and non-professional, discuss the influence and opportunities in different industries and also highlight measurement and optimization tricks specific to various industries.

This session would address:

Opportunities in the financial industry for both digital marketing professionals & non – professionals.

Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry – Key Learnings

How Banks Should Measure ROI

Consumer Digital Journey in Banks – 5 Major Lessons to Be Learnt

Applying the Digital Financial Knowledge to Other Industries: The connection between digital marketing in the Financial Industry and other industries

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In this month’s masterclass, we would take an in-depth look at the love/hate relationship between marketing and procurement.

Ideally, one would expect that marketing and procurement should work hand-in-hand, complement each other and above all work towards achieving profitability. The reverse is the case as these two functions are most times at loggerheads. Experts around the world have in fact described the relationship between marketing and procurement as the most ‘notorious’ in the corporate world.

Why is there no ‘agreement’ between these two functions? What can be done to improve the relationship between marketing and procurement? These and more would be addressed at this session.

Join Obabiyi Fagade, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken and Olufemi Olu-Adeleye, Brewery Business Controller, Nigerian Breweries as they take us through a highly interactive session.

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Mobile is the first channel in the history of media where consumers are significantly ahead of brands in terms of adoption and usage. When it comes to mobile marketing, a lot of questions come to mind. Some of such questions include: Do people really prefer apps to websites? How and when do mobile users search? What drives people to click through on a web result or download an app?

All these questions and more will be addressed in this masterclass as we take a look at mobile marketing and how brands can deploy the latest mobile marketing tools and techniques to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all touchpoints. We will also explore the strategy, channels & tools for mobile marketing, data visualization, interpretation & application, performance tracking & attribution as well as mobile monetization.

Our facilitator Dotun Ayanbile is a mobile marketing specialist. He is currently the Head of Operations at Twinpine, a leading mobile marketing platform in Africa, Dotun is passionate about using Ad Tech and Data Science to help brands reach their target audiences and personalizing each customer’s experience as much as possible.

Also creating an avenue to monetize mobile channels including sites, apps, devices, email, WiFi services, SMS, USSD, network notifications etc.

With a background in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, as well as professional experience in Investment Management and e-Commerce, Dotun has a 360 view of the today’s market which he has applied to mobile advertising, to successfully manage over 100 top brands, agencies and partners globally.

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This month, our guest speaker is Sesan Ayeni speaking on Human Connection, Technology & Marketing.

With the advent of technology, marketing has changed in several ways as people now spend more time with their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Brands now have the challenge of connecting with customers via various devices in real time. Today’s prospects and customers want to enjoy better service, personalised solutions as well as more value for their money. Businesses are harnessing the power of technology to meet these expectations. Too much dependence on technology can however lead to a loss of real and personal connections with prospects and customers.

How then do marketing professionals leverage technology in marketing without losing the ability to build and sustain lasting customer relationships?

Sesan Ayeni has about 27 years experience in marketing and advertising. His work experience cuts across numerous brands and corporate brands such as Coca-Cola, Tetmosol medicated soap, Tower Aluminium, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Audi, Skoda, Zenith Bank, Oceanic Bank, Sterling Bank, Skye Bank, Global Fleet Oil & Gas, Nicon Insurance, Aiico Insurance, Aiico Pension, Air Nigeria, National Mirror Newspapers, Business Courage Magazine, Energy Bank in Ghana and Sao Tome & Principe, Nicon Luxury Abuja, Arco Petrochemical Engineering.

He has worked with teams in various projects both local and international: Zenith Bank Plc from logo design and brand support up to bank launch, Introduction of Stallion Group to Ghana starting with the Group’s Honda Car business, Energy Bank Ghana from brand conception up to launch and commissioning by the then President of Ghana, late Professor John Atta Mills, Air Nigeria – Launch of London route which involved vast array of elements and activities including strategic planning, commercial issues, fleet planning which involve negotiations with Boeing and Airbus.

Sesan Ayeni has an interesting mix of experience, understanding and vast knowledge in international business and marketing, economics, politics, policies and social issues. Sesan currently works as the CEO of Sloane Communications.

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This month, our guest speaker is Eyitemi Taire speaking on ‘A brand is what a brand does’. A brand is defined by what it does as brand communication has gone beyond advertising.

The brand marketer of the 21st century needs to have a deep understanding of what branding is all about. Every single thing a brand does sums up to make one holistic communication that is in line with the meaning of the brand.

Eyitemi Taire is a well-rounded FMCG/brand marketer with key experiences across all brand functions, cutting-edge communications development, innovations and projects expert, brand profitability and commercially oriented, very passionate and able to tune tactics to succeed, marketing strategist with creativity in finding solutions, able to cut through information glut to pinpoint ‘hidden’ insights and take decisive action, extremely team focused with strong leadership skills.

She is extremely well-travelled and well-read with a love of discovering new cultures, broad base of experience across Africa & Middle-East, open-minded and quick to adapt to change, with more than a passing knowledge of several languages, namely English, Yoruba & French.

Eyitemi is keen to embrace new challenges, eager to learn and build new experiences. Her specialties include: developing consumer-centric brand communication platforms, driving brand profitability, building robust & insightful brand strategies, ruthless prioritization to ensure that key brand objectives are met.

Eyitemi has over 25 years experience in marketing and would be sharing deep insights with us at this masterclass.

This month, our guest speaker is Mobolaji Caxton-Martins speaking on Creating an Innovative Brand Experience for Today’s Prosumer.

For many decades, the major focus of branding and innovation efforts has been on the product. The persistent drive to add features, incorporate new technologies and create niches has led to breakthrough innovations. The focus needs to however move to consumers.

This is because consumers are no longer passive, but rather active ‘prosumers’, professional consumers who not only interact with, but can also advocate for or against brands. It has become very important to build and create an innovative and sustainable brand experience for today’s prosumer.

Mobolaji has vast years of experience in brand management, strategy, content and account planning. He facilitates brand storytelling and innovation class at the Orange Academy, Africa’s 1st practical school of Integrated Brand Experience.

Mobolaji Caxton-Martins is currently the Head of Brand Management and Digital Marketing at Templars, a law firm in Lagos, Nigeria.


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