Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition is West Africa’s 1st Digital Marketing event providing thought leadership for the Digital Marketing industry. The conference and exhibition brings together key industry speakers from Nigeria, West Africa and around the world to inform and educate delegates about the very latest developments in the digital marketing world, looking at the right tools and mix to engage today’s consumers and stake holders.

With the increase penetration of Internet in West Africa, access to the internet leaped four-fold since 2007. Africa contributes 15% of worldwide Internet user populations with Nigeria contributing 45,000,000 of this population. With these statistics, there has never been a more opportune time in the commercial history of West Africa for organisations to harness the power and potential of Digital Marketing technologies.

Simon Page College of Marketing, a leading provider of professional business education programmes in Nigeria with offices in Lagos, Accra and London, is the brain behind the Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition.

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