Using human emotion to influence buying behaviour

Human beings have been described as highly emotional. They in fact depend on emotions in making many decisions including the decision of what to buy.  Antonio Damasio, a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Southern California has in fact argued that emotion is important in all decisions.

There are four major feelings that a person can have. These include happy, sad, afraid/surprised and angry/disgusted.

Against the foregoing, marketers cannot afford to ignore the role of emotions in buying decisions. In other words, marketers need to master the art of connecting with the emotions of prospects and customers in a bid to influence their buying decisions. Since most people make decisions based on how they feel, marketers can leverage on this by communicating a feeling rather than emphasizing on cold facts. Marketers need to pay more attention to the human factor in the consumer.

How then should emotions be used in marketing?

A research by Jonah Berger, a social psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that people are more likely to share positive articles than negative articles. Marketers can leverage on this by paying more attention to the benefits of their offerings. They can also share positive news on happenings in their industry.

In another research by Outbrain, it has been discovered that headlines with negative superlatives such as ‘never’ attract more attention that headlines without any superlatives. While negative news gets more clicks, positive news gets more shares. Marketers can take advantage of this information by paying more attention to their headlines.

Furthermore, adding a little humour to content encourages people to share. Make people laugh with your content. You don’t have to be too serious with your content all the time. Marketers also need to pay attention to creating a wow factor in their communication, as this tends to increase people’s curiosity such that they click on the content.

It would be an error not to mention the power of images in creating the right emotions. When used creatively and strategically, images can elicit action. Images can be so powerful as they have a tremendous power to connect with human emotions such that people can actually buy what they didn’t even plan to buy.

All in all, human beings are slaves to their emotions as most of them make decisions based on how they feel. Marketers need to understand how emotions affect decision-making and leverage on this to increase sales as well as influence buying behaviour.














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