How your personality determines your job role

A recent study by Reuters has shown that personality traits have a big influence on your job. In another study by researchers at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, it was discovered that personality not education played a bigger role in determining what job people ended up with.

From these studies and many more, it is important to choose a job that suits you rather than one that pays well or interests you. This will lead to better performance and job satisfaction, which in turn increases your paycheck as well as exposes you to lucrative opportunities.

Today’s employers understand this. Due to this, they look beyond an impressive resume and interview. They now pay more attention to an individual’s personality. A recent report by CEB has in fact shown that more than 60% of HR professionals are including personality tests in their recruitment process.

Against the foregoing, it is important to know your natural strengths as this will help you determine if an organisation’s culture and environment works for you.

The five-factor model is one of the most acceptable models of personality. This model uses five distinct scales to determine an individual’s personality. The five factors in this model include:

  •       Conscientiousness
  •            Emotional Stability
  •           Extraversion
  •         Agreeableness
  •      Openness to Experience

Your personality trait is a combination of the above factors and this determines your success at work in several ways. Individuals with a high degree of extraversion for instance are usually more determined to achieve a goal especially when there is a reward attached to the achievement of the goal.

In addition, individuals with conscientiousness, extraversion and agreeableness are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

Studies have also found that people with high conscientiousness and agreeableness will work better in a team environment. This kind of people are very good at sales. Social interaction is important for success as a sales person. Individuals with a good combination of conscientiousness and agreeableness will do very well in sales.

Several tools/models can help you determine your personality type. All of these have been put together to help you make the right decision in your career choice. Instead of jumping from one job to another, it is advisable to know your personality and find a job that suits your personality. This is a sure way to ensure you enjoy satisfaction in your job.

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